(Italiano) Si Avvicina il 10 Marzo

For the Trail del Marganai 2019 the fever rises. We start for the first time from the Nuraghe s’omu e s’orcu, making this event unique again this year.

All the voluntary associations of Domusnovas and of the whole territory are in the field, as well as the presence of civil protection and ambulances for the protection of the entire route. The presence of Alpine Rescue also confirmed.

The races are 3 for the agonists: 55, 30 and 20 km, to which is added the 10 km non-competitive where the participants will be able to share part of the same routes of competitive competitions.

Through the Consorzio natura Viva Sardegna, you can book the Trekking excursion to the numbers of the Trail or at the info point service of the Consortium, Emanuela 3480553369.

The 2019 edition promises to be very interesting: the Eana Majer athlete will run along the paths of the Marganai, already ranked first in 2018 at the “Bieg 7 Dolin” of 100 km and at the “Ehunmilak Ultra-Trail” of 55; for the Polish Bartosz Gorczyca is a return along the Sardinian paths, in fact it counts the first place 2018 at the Ultratrack Supramonte Seaside 2018 that runs along the paths of the Supramonte of Baunei, as well as winning the 83 km “Chudy Wawrzyniec 2018”.
Confirmed the presence of the Danish Kjaer Harriet, winner of the 52 km Trail of the Marganai edition

On the Italian front we find Saverio Monti team Valtellina, winner last year of Valmalenco Ultradistance Trail 2018 of 74 km with a respectable time, in addition to excellent placings in others races.

There will be no lack of Sardinian surprises, as well as Filippo Salaris there will be several athletes and athletes, among them such as Stefano Gervasoni, Teodoro Mura, Dario Tuveri and our tireless Marina Scibilia.

This year, as an absolute novelty in this kind of races in Sardinia, the zero edition of the relay race along the 55 km route.
It will be divided into two stages:
– the first from the suggestive nuraghe “S’Omu e S’Orcu” up to the spectacular Temple of Antas;
– the second continues inside the mining village of Malacalzetta, until it reaches the mill.

5 teams maximum, the first team sees as protagonist Lino Cianciotto and Luigia Marini, a novelty in the novelty an athlete amputated the first and able-bodied the second, confirming that everyone can to run.

also this year trail and charity

Contributing in some way to charity is one of the objectives that the Trail del Marganai has always tried to pursue.

In previous editions we gave our contribution by supporting voluntary associations that guarantee us safety during the event, buying and donating portable DVD players with cartoons for their little guests to the pediatric CTO of Iglesias, contributing to the preparation of the inclusive play area in Domusnovas.

In line with what has been done in the past, we have decided that this year two euros for each registered will be allocated to a social project that we will shortly define.

Now it is up to all of you, with your inscriptions, to determine what the amount to be allocated to the next project will be!

ITRA Certification and UTMB Qualifying Race 2019

Also this year we obtained the certification of our routes from ITRA (International Trail Running Association), the international association that collects the organizers of Trail Running competitions.

It is a necessary step for two reasons: the first because it guarantees the quality of the tracks that are submitted and their qualification; athletes who need to register for competitions that require previous participation in qualifying competitions may use ours, provided they have arrived and have been included in the ranking among the finishers.

The second reason why ITRA certification allows you to request the organization of UTMB (Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc) to be included in their own competitions used as qualifiers.

As with previous editions, our request has been accepted so we can proudly display the “UTMB Course Qualifications 2019” stamp.

If there was any doubt, now you just have to sign up!

Only on our trails: the San Giovanni Cave

Lucky you, athletes: in the first part of the race, you cross the Cave of San Giovanni, a very few km from the starting line…in this way you can get immediately an idea of the natural beauty of this corner of southwest Sardinia. Located in the territory of Domusnovas, nearby Iglesias, the natural cave is a fine example of a karst phenomenon generated by the flow of an underground river and is excavated in the oldest limestone rocks of the island, dated millions of years. The cave was already used in ancient times, as evidenced by the last remains of a megalithic wall, that probably closed the southern entrance during the pre-nuraghic age.

Its uniqueness is due to the presence within its tortuous and sinuous tunnel, of a paved road that extends for all its length of 850 m, making it the longest road-crossed natural cavity in the world! Only two other similar caves exist on the entire planet: one in France (the Grotte du Mas-d’Azil, in the Pyrenees) and one in Australia (in the Grand Arch of the Jenolan Caves, in Oberon).

The road was created in the 19th century in order to facilitate the transport of material from the nearby Sa Duchessa mine. Today it is no longer suitable for vehicles, since it was recognized as a natural monument and subject to restrictions.

Currently the road is used by visitors to admire the beauty of the cave, in which flows a stream, originating from the Oridda valley. Stalactites and stalagmites decorate it remarkably. Large calcareous basins overlapping each other form real rock falls.
Both the North and the South entrances are well-known among the climbers, who chose these walls all year round as an challenging training option!





Good to know:
– entering from the south side on the left opens a cavity called “Su stampu de Pireddu” (Pireddu’s cavity), which is the most interesting active branch, consisting of a series of galleries and narrow tunnels for a total development of 2 km, characterized by the presence of underground lakes. The name is due to an ancient bandit (Pireddu is a Sardinian family name) who, it seems, found shelter there.

– The name of the cave of San Giovanni derives from a cavity in the interior used in the past as a rock chapel dedicated to Saint John and demolished when the construction of the road began. Thus the small church of San Giovanni was built in the immediate proximity of the south entrance.

For information:

Consorzio Natura Viva Sardegna: 0039.3480553309; Email: consorzionaturaviva@gmail.com

(Italiano) Informazioni Importanti

Dear Athletes,

the third edition of our Trail del Marganai is close!


The whole event takes place at the “Cartiera del Consorzio Natura Viva” in Domusnovas, including the bib and race pack delivery stand, starting and arrival line and the pasta party after the race.

How to arrive: once you arrive in Domusnovas, follow the indications for “Grotte di S.Giovanni”, which are situated at about 2 km from the village’s center (Google Maps -> https://www.traildelmarganai.org/en/come-arrivare/)
Immediately after the Cartiera on the way to the San Giovanni Cave, you will find a parking area.

For those who are staying in Domusnovas already on Saturday, maybe you find useful consulting our website https://www.traildelmarganai.org/en/dove-dormire-e-dove-mangiare/.

We would like to remind and underline some main points:

For all athletes participating in one of the three races

You already should know the trail’s regulations. Anyway you find it on our website https://www.traildelmarganai.org/en/regolamento/ and you can download it here:https://www.traildelmarganai.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Regulations-Trail-del-Marganai-2018.pdf
We highly recommend to use a headlamp (or a small torch) when you run through the caves, because there is no illumination inside!
Please check the mandatory equipment carefully.
In order to participate, a prerequisite condition is proving possession of a medical certificate for participating in athletics competitive events. Deadline is on Thursday 08 March.
Without medical certificate we will deliver the race pack, but not the bib! This means you are not considered as a participating runner and your eventual presence on the race route would be under your own full responsibility.
The timing chip will be read before start and after arrival. Only for the 52km race there is an intermedium record at the stand situated nearby the Temple of Antas.
Each food and drink stand, is also a checkpoint for the athletes passage. Please, be helpful with the person in charge of reading your bib number. The missing record of your passage may lead to disqualification.
With the race pack delivery we are going to ask confirmation of your mobile number (the one we can find you at during the race). You will find a number for emergencies on the bib, but we also recommend to store it on your phone: 3339447383. We suggest to disconnect data services, in order to keep your phone battery charged.
The more athletes collect the race pack and bib on Saturday afternoon, the less the pre-race procedures are going last on Sunday morning.
Important to know for the 52 km-race

Bib and race pack delivery is on Saturday 10 MARCH from 04 pm to 07.30 pm or on Sunday 11 MARCH from 5:30 am to 6:30 am.
Appointment at 6:30 am Sunday 11 MARCH for the pre-race procedures: briefing and chip reading.
The race starts at 07:00 am, Sunday 11 MARCH.
There is one more drink stand and checkpoint, besides those mentioned in the regulations, situated in loc. Gutturu Pala at 19 km from the start line.
At the food and drink stand nearby the Temple of Antas, you will find someone in charge of intermediate chip reading.
Important to know for the 27 km-race

Bib and race pack delivery is on Saturday 10 MARCH from 04 pm to 07.30 pm or on Sunday 11 MARCH from 7:30 am to 8:30 am.
Appointment at 8:30 am Sunday 11 MARCH for the pre-race procedures: briefing and chip reading.
The race starts at 09:00 am, Sunday 11 MARCH.
Important: even if not indicated as mandatory, we strongly recommend taking a survival blanket with you!

Important to know for the 17 km-race

Bib and race pack delivery is on Saturday 10 MARCH from 04 pm to 07.30 pm or on Sunday 11 MARCH from 8:30 am to 9:30 am.
Appointment at 9:30 am Sunday 11 MARCH for the pre-race procedures: briefing and chip reading.
The race starts at 10:00 am, Sunday 11 MARCH.
Important: even if not indicated as mandatory, we strongly recommend taking a survival blanket with you!

We ask you kindly to complete your registration and upload all requested documents within Thursday 08 March on your personal profile on the website wedosport. Please do not send them via e-mail in attachment.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.