56 KM 2700M D+ – 34 KM 1700M D+ – 22 KM 950M D+



The Trail del Marganai is organised by “Marganai K24 ASD”. The distances and elevation gain might by slightly different. In case, the organisation, will correct and update the regulations, indicating as well the check-points and refreshments locations later.



Prizes for the 56 km trail are awarded to the first 3 men and the first 3 women, those for the 34 km trail to the first 3 men and the first 3 women and those for the 22 km trail to the first 3 men and the first 3 women. There will be no cash prizes.
A general classification will be drafted at the end of the race, which will include the arrival times and will be published on

The only categories are “men” and “women”.



All athletes over 18 years of age in possession of a relevant medical certificate for participation in athletic events expiring not earlier than 15 March, 2020 will be allowed to sign up; every participant will have to submit a copy of the certificate when registering via website. Registrations will be open on December 18th, 2019 and will be closed either when reaching a total number of 500 participants or by March 05, 2020.

In order to register for the 56 km trail you will have to:

  • be aware of the length and the characteristics of the race;
  •  be perfectly trained for it; have acquired, before the competition, a real personal autonomy ability in the mountains in order to better face issues arising from adverse weather conditions (wind, fog, rain, cold, snow);
  • be able to face physical or mental problems caused by the great fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joints pain, small wounds etc.;
  • be aware that helping a runner manage these problems is not an Organisation’s responsibility

Registration will be carried out with the collaboration of To successfully complete the registration is necessary to have available in digital format (image, scanning, etc.):

  • a medical certificate for sports;
  •  bank transfer copy or transaction confirmation for payment by bank transfer;- “Risk assumption statement and responsibility waiver” filled in and signed.



The registration fee for the Trail del Marganai is:

  • 56 km: € 45;
  • 34km: € 35;
  • 22km: € 27.

Deadline for registrations is 05th March 2020 at midnight.

The registration fee includes all the services described in this document as well as the race pack with a technical t-shirt and an invitation to the post-race pasta party.
Credit card or bank transfer must make payment. The site will manage registration and payments In case of failure to participate in the race, the registration fee will not be refunded.



The bibs will be delivered in the following way:

  • Saturday, March 14, 2020 at the reception, 16.00 to 19.30 pm;
  • Sunday, March 15, 2020 at the starting point, 05.30 to 06.30 am (56 Km), 07.30 to 8.30 am (34 Km) and 08.30 to 9.30 am (22 Km).

Before bib number taking will be the obligatory equipment control.



In order to have their bibs numbered, participants will have to go to the timekeepers’ stand next to the starting line within:

  • 6:40 am for the 56 km trail (starting at 07.00)
  • 8:40 for the 34 Km trail (starting at 09.00);
  • 09.40 for the 22 Km (starting at 10.00).



There will be organisation staff, first aid personnel and qualified physicians on the trail and they will be in constant contact with the base. An ambulance and a doctor will also be present in the finish line area. Random checkpoints will be set up along the trail and members of the organization will monitor the passage of athletes and control the mandatory material: those found without such equipment will be penalised. Runners are required to be able to orient themselves and know how to behave in the mountains, even in bad weather conditions.

Should an athlete be injured or in trouble, he/she shall call for help:- by reaching an official checkpoint

  • by calling one of the organisation’s numbers;
  • by asking another athlete to request assistance.

It is everybody’s duty and obligation to assist people in trouble and, if necessary, call for help. In case a participant lost some time helping another participant who was injured or in trouble, he/she may ask the Jury to deduct the time spent from the official classification.
All costs arising from the use of emergency vehicles will be paid by the rescued person, as well as the money spent for his/her return from the place where he/she was hospitalized. The organisation recommends that all participants subscribe appropriate insurance policies, especially to cover the rescue costs and the costs related to helicopter rescue.



The Organisation’s personnel on the track is authorised to check that the runners respect the regulations and inform the Board about the violations detected. The Board will apply penalties on the basis of the following table. Time penalties will be applied immediately after the race or in the following days by increasing the time reported on the official classification.

Voluntary waste unloading Disqualification
Starting from a checkpoint after the time limit Disqualification
Cutting across a track portion longer than 1 km Disqualification
Failure to pass a checkpoint Disqualification
Refusal to undergo inspections Disqualification
Absence of mandatory safety equipment: windproof jacket, thermal blanket Disqualification
Cheating: use of a means of transport, bib sharing or exchange Disqualification and ban for life
Insults and threats to the Organisation’s volunteers or personnel Disqualification and ban for life
Failure to assist a runner in trouble Penalty: 1 hour
Helpers’ support (authorized only at food and drink stands) Penalty: 1 hour
Cutting across a track portion shorter than 1 km Penalty: 1 hour
Using chopsticks not carried by the runner since the beginning of the race Penalty: 1 hour
Absence of other mandatory material Penalty: 15 minutes
Race bib without visible number Penalty: 15 minutes



Participants will have to respect the natural environment and, in particular, avoid unloading waste, picking flowers or disturbing the animals. Whoever will be caught unloading waste along the track will be disqualified from the race and subject to the sanctions provided for by the municipal regulations.



The competition will take place regardless of weather conditions. In case of major weather phenomena (storms, snow), the organisation reserves the right to make last-minute itinerary changes in order to eliminate any possible dangers or discomfort conditions for the participants. Any changes will be communicated to the participants and reported by the staff.



All athletes (56 km, 34 km and 22 km) will have to mandatorily carry the following material with them:

– camel bag or bottle holder with at least half a litre of liquids for the 22 km and one litre for the 56km and 34 km

  • race bib with visible number on the front;
  • windproof jacket;
  • survival blanket (56 km and 34 km);
  • whistle (56 km and 34 km);
  • food supply (56 km and 34 km);
  • mobile phone containing the organisation’s number (+39 3518538129);
  • headlamp.

In case of bad weather, the participants in the 56 km and 34 km trail will have to carry the following equipment:

  • Goretex jacket;
  • pants below the knee.

The change in mandatory material will be communicated upon pick-up of the bib and by notice posted at the starting point.
It is allowed to use sticks, which will have to be kept throughout the race.
Random checks of the mandatory material will be performed before the start and upon arrival.
Food and drink stands will not provide glasses, only camelbaks & water bottles will be filled in order to pollute as little as possible: we recommend that you use a personal glass / mug.



Food and water assistance will be provided during the race. The refreshments locations will be indicated later.

56 Km trail: 4 refreshment points with drinks and solid foods, plus one with only liquids.

34 Km trail: 2 refreshment points with drinks and solid foods, plus one with only liquids.

22 Km trail: one refreshment point with drinks and solid food.


Athletes will have to throw waste, glasses, gel, bars etc. in the dedicated containers provided at the refreshment stations. Whoever will be caught throwing something outside the appropriate containers will be disqualified.
All stands can be reached by car and are, therefore, points where an athlete incapable of continuing the competition may quit.



The maximum time allowed to reach the finish line is 10 hours and 30 minutes for the 56 km trail, 7 hours for the 34 km trail and 5 hours for the 22 km trail. A “helping” service will travel along the trail by following the last participant, so as to be able to support anyone who quit and avoid that any injured people might remain without assistance.

The check-points for time limit will be indicated later (only for the the 56 km trail).


Athletes who will not pass the check-points within the time limit will be allowed to continue by delivering the bib, but without assistance.



The organisation takes out an insurance policy to cover all risks related to civil liability and for participants’ protection valid throughout the competition period.



By registering, participants authorise the organisation to freely use, without territorial and time limits, still and moving images showing them during participation in Trail del Marganai.



The voluntary registration and the subsequent participation in the competition indicate the full acceptance of the present document and any changes that might be made to it. By registering, the participant exempts the organisers from any liability, both civil as well as penal, for damages to people and/or things caused by him/her or traced to him/her.



An official timing service will be provided.