The edition 2020 of Marganai trail takes place 15 March 2020 in the Forest of Marganai, that covers, with a great abundance of plants, a surface of 3650 ha and is situated in the territory between Domusnovas and Iglesias.
Not a long time ago this area was well-known for its minerals and even if the landscape is still strongly marked by mining facilities and villages, it still preserves its original beauty. After dismissing the extraction of minerals, the new challenge for this territory is safeguarding its rich biodiversity.

One of the most attractive sites of natural beauty is the cave of S. Giovanni, a large calcareous grotto, which has been tunnel-like perforated by a road, tracking the way of a small river called Rio Sa Duchessa.
Te external rocky walls are well-known among climbers!

The territory offers as well some archeological remains of the prehistorical local civilisation and a temple dating back to the Carthaginian-Roman time, known as the temple of Antas. The temple is situated in a very seductive valley, a few km from Fluminimaggiore and was dedicated to a local divintiy, called Babai (Sid Addir for the Carthaginians and Sardus Pater for the Romans).

Nearby Domusnovas (between the small town and the cave of S.Giovanni) is situated Sa Dom’e S’Orcu, a nuragic complex that dates back to the Bronze Age and was built more than 3000 years ago by the most important local civilisation (the word nuraghe indicates the conical towers, spread all over the island)!

You can choose to reserve a room in Bed&Breakfast or hotel in Domusnovas or just a few km from there, in Villamassargia or Iglesias.

We would like you to join our Pasta Party for lunch, Sunday 15 March (previous reservation).

The 56 km, the 30 km and the 20 km races are not eligible for children or persons with a disability, therefore we propose as an alternative activity for everyone a non-competitive walk  (approx 10 km).