The edition 2020 of Marganai trail takes place 31 October 2020 in the Forest of Marganai, that covers, with a great abundance of plants, a surface of 3650 hectares.
Not a long time ago this area was well-known for its minerals and even if the landscape is still strongly marked by mining facilities and villages, it still preserves its original beauty. After dismissing the extraction of minerals, the new challenge for this territory is safeguarding its rich biodiversity.

Departure and arrival will be in Buggerru, a small centre with approximately a thousand inhabitants, marked by an important mining past. Buggerru is located on the south-western coast of Sardinia, in the area called, Iglesiente. The village and the surroundings, offer an impressive panoramic view, thanks to the location in the Malfidano canal, an outlet to the sea from which the name of the main local mine also derives.

The territory offers as well some archeological remains of the prehistorical local civilisation and a temple dating back to the Carthaginian-Roman time, known as the temple of Antas. The temple is situated in a very seductive valley, a few km from Fluminimaggiore and was dedicated to a local divintiy, called Babai (Sid Addir for the Carthaginians and Sardus Pater for the Romans).

You can choose to reserve a room in Bed&Breakfast or hotel in Buggerru or just a few km from there, in Fluminimaggiore or Iglesias.

We would like you to join our Pasta Party for lunch, Saturday 31 October (previous reservation).

We propose as an alternative activity, a non-competitive walk (aprox 11 km).