(Italiano) Un sopralluogo al Trail del Marganai 47K


It would be great if, for every trail you decide to run, there was time enough to visit the place, appreciate its beauty and check the difficulty of the route.
Technology helps in this case, thanks to Google Earth, we made a simulation of the itinerary, adding some images of the last edition!
Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming Trail del Marganai, on 5th March 2017 in Domusnovas, among forests, ancient and mining archeology in South-west Sardinia.

Would you like to check the route of the Trail, without spending hours?
Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the Google Earth simulation.
Have a good time!




91 days left until Trail del Marganai 2017 takes place and only 1 month, precisely 27 days to register paying the lower rate.

Until the 1 st of January you pay less, no matter which race you choose: 30 euro, instead of 35 euro for the 47 km; 25 euro instead of 27 euro for the 27 km and 17 euro, instead of 20 euro for the 17 km.

Considering the upcoming feast days, the next weeks are going to pass quickly, so if you already decided to run with us through woods and old mining properties, in South Sardinia, don’t miss the opportunity to spend less money!