Many flags for the Trail del Marganai

Just a few more days, until March, 1st (midnight) to register for a multi-flag edition of the Trail del Marganai.
For now 9 different countries are going to be present, but there is still time for last days news! This is a record for our competition and we are very happy and proud of this surprising result.
Here is an alphabetical list:

  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Lithuania
  • Peru
  • Spain


Trail and solidarity

We believe in the importance of leaving a positive legacy in the world we live in, that goes beyond
the day of the competition.
Just like in the past editions, as well this year Trail del Marganai joins a charitable initiative. Together
with a group of local people we plan to buy some inclusive equipment for an outdoor playground in
This kind of play equipment allows children with disabilities and special needs to be active side-by-
side with able bodied children.
We will provide more details and information further on.
In order to achieve the target we are going to earmark 2 euro from each registration fee and 1 euro
from each pasta party fee (which is due only for accompanying persons).
This could be one more reason to join us and party with the Trail.
Only those who dare may fly!