(Italiano) Il Trail del Marganai e la Sfida dei Sentieri Sardi

There are appointments that you should not miss.

One of these is the UTSS, which is the Ultra Track Supramonte Seaside. UTSS for friends.

We of the Marganai Trail will be present today and tomorrow, the day of the races, at the stand of the Sfida dei Sentieri Sardi.
Our race will take place on March 15th 2020, but the organizational machine has already been on the move for several weeks.
At Baunei we will be at your disposal to say goodbye and give us an appointment in the spring.

For about a year, the main Sardinian trails have decided to set up an organization and create the Sfida dei Sentieri Sardi with a ranking that you can find here that puts together the rankings of the individual races on your calendar through a fantastic algorithm.

See you soon!

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